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Vikonda Group

Vikonda Group connects several businesses operating in different fields, which are located in or near the Kėdainiai district in the middle of Lithuania. The group of companies started its activities back in 1990, with the first company in Kėdainiai engaging in the construction of gas pipelines.

Our businesses have grown alongside the forming independent state of Lithuania. In a rapidly changing environment, we have experienced both highly successful periods and more challenging phases, adjusting our business directions and strategies multiple times. At the beginning of our operations, the group’s activities were highly diversified. Later, we started to specialize, with a significant focus on the development of separate companies.

Currently, the strategic areas of activity of Vikonda Group are agriculture and food industry. Each year, the turnover of the companies grows due to continuous investments in production and management optimization, the development of new products, and the expansion of export. The group’s companies are united by the goal of creating products that meet modern market trends and consumer expectations, using the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Mindaugas Snarskis


Contact information

  • Didžioji str. 22, LT-57255 Kėdainiai, Lithuania
  • +370 347 61210