Krekenava, JSC Vaidas Lebedys_Krekenava_2022 Vaidas Lebedys Managing Krekenava, JSC, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, grows winter and summer wheat, rapeseed, barley, sugar beet, beans, cannabis and other crops on 5,500 hectares of land, and the company's employees are concerned to ensure that all yields are of the highest quality.
Nine years ago, the company switched from arable farming to non-arable cultivation. This cultivation technology allows to improve soil productivity and preserve moisture.
For several years now, smart farming technologies have been applied in the company's fields, which are adapted to the modern techniques available to the company and ensure efficient maintenance of cultivated crops, operating economy, desired yields and the sustainability of the surrounding nature.
Krekenava, JSC
Valmoniškio str. 5,
Valmoniškių vill., Panevėžio distr.
Ph.: +370 45 593210
Fax.: +370 45 593210
Company code: 168947487
VAT No.: LT689474811
The company operates in the
area of 5500 hectares
33 000 t grain crops are produced 16 000 t sugar beet are grown