Kėdainių konservų
fabrikas, JSC
Saulius Urbonas_Kedainiu konservu fabrikas_2022 Saulius Urbonas Managing director The origins of Kėdainių konservų fabrikas, JSC are still in 1944, when it was a state-owned company, privatised in 1996. Since 2004 activities are carried out in a newly built and modernly located factory in the village of Šingaliai, near Kėdainiai.
The brand Kėdainių konservai is the best known brand of canned products by Lithuanian consumers. the company produces a wide range of products: mayonnaise, sauces, canned vegetables, fruits, confitures and jams, canned soups, lunch dishes, dipping sauces, and products are exported to 24 countries. The largest part of the production is packed in glass containers, for the production of which approx. 50% of cullet is used. Kėdainiai region is a unique land, which won the title of cucumber region, in which favorable climatic and soil conditions led to a very large number of vegetable growers. Not surprisingly, the first product of the restored Kėdainių konservų fabrikas, JSC was pickled cucumbers produced until today according to authentic formulation and technology. The large part of the company production is made from natural raw materials, without added preservatives, colouring materials, flavour enhancers. The company does not use genetically modified raw materials. Constant investments in production equipment, product development, marketing, improvement of management processes – all this makes it possible to ensure that the company production is produced efficiently, meets the needs of the modern user and meets the highest quality and safety requirements.
Šingalių vill., Josvainių eld.,
Kėdainių str. 50,
LT-58191, Kėdainių distr.
Ph.: +370 347 77282
Company code: 161612618
VAT No.: LT6161126113
CONTACTS: UAB kedainiu konservu fabrikas The company produces over 240 different recipe products Production is exported to 24 countries The company was founded in 1944 with the aim of feeding the war-degraded country of Lithuania