Kėdainių aruodai, JSC
Vaidas Lebedys Director

UAB „Kėdainių aruodai, UAB provides storage services for various cereals: wheat, malt and feed barley, rapeseed, triticale, beans, peas. The company carries out the buying-in and marketing of organic grains. The company is certified with ISCC and GMP+ certificates. .

Kėdainių aruodai, JSC
J. Basanavičiaus g. 95,
LT-57352, Kėdainiai
Ph.: +370 347 55110
Company code. kodas: 302429179
VAT NO.: LT100004920814
CONTACTS: The company sells organic grains
The company exports cereals grown by Lithuanian
farmers to Europe.
The capacity of own and rented grain
storage or elevators: up to 65 thousand
tons of grain.
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