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Krekenava, JSC

The area of cultivated fields of the agricultural company reaches 5,500 ha. Winter and summer wheat, rapeseed, barley, sugar beets, beans, beets, hemp and other crops are cultivated in these fields. In order to benefit people and nature, the company started developing regenerative agriculture thirteen years ago. This tillage technology allows improving soil fertility and moisture conservation. For several years now, smart agricultural technologies have been applied in the cultivated fields, which are adapted to the available modern equipment, ensuring effective maintenance of the cultivated crops, operational economy, desired yield and preservation of the nature around us.

The company constantly invests in more precise maintenance of the fields – it uses modern drones for field and plant condition assessment, as well as planting cultivated fields. Active cooperation with AgriFood start-ups – the company finances the development and improvement of a mobile agrometer, which will soon be used for plant quality research in the fields. 

Since December 2022, “Krekenava” has been participating in the carbon credit program.

Team - Vaidas Lebedys

Vaidas Lebedys


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  • Valmoniškio str. 5, Valmoniškiai, LT-38300 Panevėžys district, Lithuania
  • +370 45 593210