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Kedainiu konservu fabrikas, JSC

Kedainiu konservu fabrikas” is the oldest and one of the largest companies producing sauces and canned products in the Baltic States. The origins of the factory date back to 1944, when it was a state-owned enterprise, later privatized in 1996. Since 2004, operations have been carried out in a newly built and modernly equipped factory in the village of Šingaliai, near Kėdainiai

The company specializes in the production of mayonnaise, sauces and condiments, spreads, canned vegetables, lunch dishes, and sweet preserves. The brand KEDAINIU KONSERVAI is one of the leaders of the Lithuanian market. The company operates food safety and quality management systems that meet the requirements of the BRCGS Food Safety standard. Over 250 different recipes and 400 distinct products are manufactured in the company, using only natural ingredients. Production is exported even to 25 countries of the world.

Team - Saulius Urbonas

Saulius Urbonas


Contact information

  • Kėdainių str. 50, Šingaliai​ LT-58191 Kėdainiai district, Lithuania​
  • +370 347 77282